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Monday, April 7, 2014

A Full Fridge!

 My poor fridge has been lonely and empty this week as I have been busy procrastinating! I finally got the much needed shopping extravaganza done today!!!
We had a million errands to run and in the midst of them, we hit Rancho Market:
Celery 2/.99

Green Grapes 1.19/lb

Cucumbers 3/.99

Green Onion 2/$1

Mushrooms .99 ea

Carrots 2/$1

Roma Tomatoes .69/lb

And we finally found our way back to our long lost friend, Lolo's!

 Milk $2.34 each

Bagels .69 each!!!!! (plain and onion only!)

Don Julio Flour tortillas .88 ea
WF Original whipped Topping .73 ea

1 lb Baby Carrots .87 ea

Green Bell Peppers .70 ea

WF String Cheese $3.70

Braeburn Apples .88/lb

At check-out, a coupon printed for a FREE GALLON OF MILK that I can redeem starting tomorrow!!! If you aren't already a rewards member, sign up!!!

I will be doing more shopping this week and lots of fun FREE activities with the kids as we are on Spring Break this week! 
Stay tuned!!!

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