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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The rest of the story!

The babies and I made it up to Provo! We hit three stores and I feel great about the deals we got!

First, the Springville Walmart:

Atkins Shakes $5.00 each ad-matched Smith's

Ivory Soap $1.24 ea
-.50/1 any Ivory cleansing product (doubled)= .27 each!!

Shoes $4.00
For some reason, this pair didn't have the price tag. I remembered that they were $4 something but the manager didn't want to wait for a price check and keyed them in as $4 even. :)

Packing tape $7.44
The one packing supply I have to actually pay for. :(

And then we hit Rancho Market in Provo. Holy Produce!!!
 Bananas 2lb/.99

Cabbage 4lb/.99

Cucumbers 3/.99

Cantaloupe 2lb/.99
Celery 2/.99

Cilantro 2/.99

Spinach 2/.99

Roma Tomatoes 2lb/.99

Powerade 2/$1 (Weds and Thursday only)

And Finally, Lolo's:
 Whipped topping .73 each

Shasta soda 2.48 ea

WF Chili .87

2 lb Baby Carrots $1.63

Miceli's String Cheese 3.29
Milk 2.34 each

Red delicious large apples .73/lb

Small Golden delicious apples .68/lb

Green Bell Peppers 2/$1

Jumbo White onions .77/lb

Green leaf lettuce .84 ea

Beef Rump Boneless Roast 2.77/lb

Tomorrow I will hit Smith's in Payson. Looking forward to lots of freebies and other fabulous goodies!!!

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