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Monday, April 14, 2014

Round Two!

I didn't go to quite as many stores this afternoon as I had hoped but the baby decided we were done! And she was really convincing!
We did hit Walmart for a few things and got my wasp shots. We also hit Lolo's and the Provo Shopko.
Milk $2.34 each
I got one for FREE with my coupon from last time! Join the rewards club!!

leaf Lettuce .77 each

Baby Carrots .78 each

Cilantro 3/$1

WF Original (only) Whipped Topping .78 each

Bread .77 each

Bagels .69 each!!

Apples .49/lb

Green onions 3/$1

Roma Tomatoes .79/lb

I lost the receipt and can't remember how much the peppers were but they were a decent price. :)

And then Shopko!

I got two more of my fabulous Garment Racks!! The Provo store has TONS of them in stock!! If you don't see them in their home, turn around! There is an extra pile of them on the bottom shelf across the aisle.
I've already put the one I got this morning together. It was super easy and it is really sturdy. So excited to have these for my yard sales! Plus I ordered a nice long one on ebay that will be here any day now!! Feeling so much less ghetto with my yard sale set up!

I also found these 2 Sally Hansen Nail growth Miracles on clearance for .82 each.
 I used a .50/1 any Sally Hansen nail color product online print coupons to get them for just .32 each!
I highly recommend checking out the Provo Shopko!! TONS of clearance and other fabulous deals throughout the store!!! I will head back there Friday, when I have my coupons sorted and have ironed out the details of their coupon policy. Be ready for an awesome shopping report!

I will probably be heading down to Payson tomorrow for a bit of shopping and hunting. Hoping for great deals and fabulous finds! 

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