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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Recent Wins and Finds!

I have been doing some great treasure hunting this week!! I also got some great stuff while on vacation AND my mom in law and my aunt dropped off some great donation items while I was gone for me to sell! Gearing up for another yard sale!!
Here are some of the goodies I have found/acquired:

 Tons of assorted matchbox cars and other fun trucks.
Lots of balls of all varieties.
A cute little clip board and a brand new collapsible cooler.
 Brand new package of 12 party invites!!
 Rolling cooler and empty water barrel.
 Cute dolls!
 A Tom Tom.
 Lots of bike accessories.
Gift bags and two  brand new giant Christmas activity books!

I have also started dedicating a couple of hours a day to sweeping! For a couple of hours, I enter free online sweepstakes of all varieties. Another new obsession! Today was the second day and I got my first Instant Win!! Two $3 Glad Trash Bag COUPONS!!!
So excited!!!

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