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Friday, August 15, 2014

Stocking Up!

Hey kids! I went out and stocked up for school lunches! So many great deals this week!!
 Fresh Market:
Deli Frost Sandwich meat $1.69 each
whipped topping .89 ea
Tillamook Yogurt .40 ea
Pudding Cups 2/$1.00!!!
String Cheese $3.49
WF Bread .77 ea
99% Fat free Cream of chicken soup .99 ea
Don Julio flour tortillas .89 ea
French bread .98
Apples .88/lb
Pears .67/lb
Milk $2.09 (clearance)
Carb master yogurt .40 ea
Atkins shakes $2.50 (clearance)
Atkins treat bars $2.50 ea (clearance)
Atkins shakes regular $5.50 ea
Cinnamon swirl bread .59 ea (clearance)
Reynold's Wrap 100 ct mini cupcake liners .35 (clearance)
Yoplait yogurt FREE (Friday Freebie Upload)

I'll be doing a last bit of dumpster diving, searching for some final treasures next week before school starts. Stay tuned and wish me luck!!!

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