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Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Shopko deal

I hit Shopko the other day to find a button up shirt for my son's Halloween costume. I had my $10/$20 prescription reward coupon to use. I searched and searched but there just weren't any boys' button ups that weren't part of a three piece outfit and they were out of my budget. I looked through all the clearance and beyond. Finally, an amazing discovery, in the baby section! This boys' shirt, not a baby shirt, was hanging randomly with some baby clothes. I was beyond excited, especially since it was just the right size!
Here's what we got:

Button up shirt $9.99

Halloween candy 2/$5

Grape and Cherry Kool-Aid .05 each (clearance)

-$10/$20 coupon

I just love getting and using these coupons!

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