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Thursday, December 5, 2013


  I braved the cold yesterday and took the kids grocery shopping. I only hit two places, Rancho Market and the Provo Smith's.
Smith's was quick and simple: Milk 2/3.88
Kroger Bread  .88

Rancho Market

There are so many great produce prices right now! As usual. :) And you really should see how much they have expanded and improved their store!!!

Oranges 4 lb/.99

Cantaloupe  4 lb/.99

Mangoes 2/.99

Pineapple  2 lb/.99

Tomatoes  2 lb/.99

Spinach 2/.99

Granny Smith Apples .59/lb

Bananas 3 lb/.99

Kale .89 ea

My only disappointment was the lack of other apples on sale. I ended up grabbing some for .99/lb at Smith's to supplement the not so sweet Granny Smith's. 

Tomorrow I will be hitting the Payson Smith's and Walmart. Hoping for some good finds and freebies!

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