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Monday, December 2, 2013

In the bins!

 I spent a lot of time in the bins today! I did my whole Spanish Fork route while the kids watched Christmas classic movies in the van. It was a good time. And I found a bunch of stuff! Plenty of coupons and then...

Lots of great packing supplies!! I was all out of bubble wrap and so I was absolutely thrilled to find all of this!! Now I just need to fold it all up and put it away. That's the not as fun part. :)

 BOOKS!!! I NEVER buy books!
Look at all these random toys! I found lots of fun princess stuff and several Little People toys that I will combine with another bunch of Little People stuff that I found another time and put them together on ebay.
There are some really nice horse toys in here too that I will probably sell, as long as my kids don't see them first! :)

I found that the Provo dollar store has now put a lid and lock on their dumpster. Sadness!! So I went by the dumpster behind the SF dollar store to see what was what. It was empty but I found something... um... interesting in the Big 5 bin! You seriously just never know what you will find! This is yet another reason to wear gloves!

The robe is fluffly and really nice. The bra is quite pretty. There were also several pair of pretty red panties and um... some other things I didn't dare take pictures of! It was funny and I had a good laugh. I will wash the bra and robe and sell them. Everything else goes back in the trash. :)
I'm still waiting for the day when I find something really crazy! Like a murder weapon, or heck, a dead body!
Gloves! Always wear gloves!!!  :)

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