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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

First Big Winter Business Experiment!

So last winter, I was only selling on ebay and it wasn't much. I had done yard sales and such that summer but had yet to discover the indoor yard sale sites on Facebook. Well, this winter is different! I have a large and growing inventory of dumpster finds and lots of clients constantly bringing me consignments, so I am going to attempt to really keep selling through the winter this year!
Last year my main income was from couponing and babysitting. No babysitting this year, so my goal is to continue covering what babysitting brought in to the family budget. So far I have been able to do that and then some, but after today's major storm, the first real snow of the season, I am a little bit concerned.
I am still posting a lot on the yard sale sites but the problem I have run into today is the weather and people's willingness to travel through it... or lack there of. I totally understand!! I'd much prefer to sit with my cocoa and enjoy the comfort of my home, rather than brave the unplowed streets, even if it is a good deal!
I'm still selling, but I do see how there will be difficulties that I didn't have to overcome in the summer and fall. My first thought is that I need to focus on selling things that will draw the people out. So I am going to focus on really awesome merchandise at fabulous prices and see how it goes!
And probably, I will focus a lot more on my ebay business. It tends to not be affected by the weather, at least not in the buying aspect. You can run into delivery problems occasionally, but that is rare.
I am excited for the challenge of keeping my income up where it has been these past few months. If I can bring it in through a harsh Utah winter, I know I can make it through almost anything!
Ps. I still love what I do! Just gotta bundle up when I hit the bins!

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