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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A bit of shopping

 This is a busy week! I have a gym membership again, a blessing that somehow happened, still not sure who extended it for me. Must've been a repayment of karma.... :) Anyway, super grateful and glad to be back at it!!
 I'm also doing tons of baking this week for friends and family and lots of Christmas activities! In the midst of all this, I am also shopping!! Today was the easy trip, hitting only Sam's Club and the Provo Smith's. Tomorrow I will hit the Payson Walmart and Smith's, the dollar store, Kmart, and Rancho Market! Gotta get to bed early tonight!!
 So here's what we grabbed at Smith's:

Milk 2/3.88

Peanuts 3/$5

Bread .59 (clearance rack)

Apples .99/lb

Rice Thins 1.99
-FREE Rice Thins mail coupon= FREE!!!

Toblerone Chocolate Bars 10/$10
-$1/2 Toblerone bars= .50 each

Tomorrow is going to be crazy but I'm excited for it! Stay tuned!!

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