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Monday, September 23, 2013

So busy!!

This has been a crazy day!! I am feeling so very productive! I have EARNED the guilty pleasure of catching up on episodes of Cup Cake Wars! :)
I sold my metal scrap and donated stuff to D.I. that just wasn't selling. Gotta get my junk inventory down to my goal!! Working hard at it! I haven't had time for tons of shopping as I have been so busy selling! It's funny; I was feeling all worried because I had put a LOT of money into discount plants and trees and mulch this last weekend for the garden project I am doing to honor my dad. My bank account was getting lower than I like it to be these days. I was about to sink into despair when I realized DUH! I have a shed full of money!!! So I put on my big girl pants and got myself busy! And I have far surpassed my earnings goal for the day and still have several people coming to pick stuff up today!
I am just so very blessed! The Lord knew that I needed to do my Wonderland Garden for my dad. He knew that my heart wouldn't make it through this ordeal without something good that was totally in my control and He totally provided a way to make it happen!
Plus, I just LOVE selling JUNK that other people threw away!! :)
I also finally finished renewing my driver's license! And hit Sam's Club! And then there was a wreck on the freeway exit and I was late picking up my daughter from school and couldn't find my phone to call a neighbor or anything. Arrgghh!! I am just so pooped!!!
But my daughter is home, my baby is in bed, my boy is not trying to bite anyone anymore, and I have a little bit of money in my jar. :)
Life is so good!! And tomorrow I will do a little shopping! Stay tuned my fellow warriors!

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