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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Smith's & Lolo's!

I ran down to Smith's in Payson this morning. I had to grab just a few more things before the sale ends!!
 4 loaves Kroger bread .88 ea
Peanuts 1.67 ea

On the $5/5 sale:
Nature Valley Oatmeal bars 1.49
-.75/1 Nature Valley soft baked bars

(9) Old Spice shave gels .99
-$1/1 Old Spice shave gels= +0.01 ea!!

After Smith's, I ran up to Provo, did a few errands and also made a stop at Lolo's. I found way more deals than I was expecting!!!

 Milk (including whole!!) $2.39
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts 1.49/lb
5 lb Ground Beef Patties $8.99
 Oreos 2/$3
-.75/2 Nabisco cookies= $1.12 each!
WF Cake mixes .66 ea
WF 64 oz Apple juice .99 ea
Shur Saving Cream of chicken soup .69 ea
WF 98% fat free cream of chicken soup .99 ea
10 lb Russet Potatoes 1.78
5 lb Apples 3.79
25 lbs Whole Wheat Flour 6.99
Baby Carrots 1 lb  .65
Green Leaf Lettuce .99

I am going to go back to Lolo's later this week for more milk and chicken. My plan is to bottle all the chicken I bought today and then freeze what I get later. I've never done it before, so wish me luck!!

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  1. I wish you luck! Just know that in order to bottle chicken you need to pressure can it. You can use our pressure canner if you want. Jim can help on Saturday. Check with the extension service for directions.