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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Even when sick

I have the most horrible head cold! I have been miserable for two days and had even thought of not shopping today. Luckily, with the help of dayquil, diet coke, and the good Lord, I was able to drag my kids (also sick) into Provo to do some shopping plus running several errands along the way! We're home now and I will be crashing after this post!!!
We hit Rancho Market first.

If you haven't been in there recently, you'll be delighted by all the improvements they've made! So much more room!
Bananas 3 lb/$1
Red delicious apples 2 lb/.99
Iceberg lettuce 2/.99
Wafer cookies .79
Peaches 2lb/.99
They also had Nectarines 4 lb/.99!! My kids don't really eat them though and I still can't chew (recent jaw procedure), so I skipped those. A great price though!!

Next was Lolo's:

We did really well and found lots of great surprise deals!
 Clearance Bread .50-.75 each
Sunbelt Chocolate Chip Granola Bars .99 ea
Oreos 1.99
-.75/2  Nabisco cookies
Pecan Shortbread Cookies $1 clearance cart
Large bag Apple Rolls cereal $1 clearance cart
Kelloggs fruit snacks .50 clearance cart

WF yogurt 4/$1
Shur Saving whipped topping .95 ea
Nalley Chili .75 ea
The salmon was like $7.75 or something like that for a 2 lb package. Sorry I don't remember for sure. :/

Finally, we hit the Provo Smith's to see if we might find anymore clearance milk this time around. Sadly, there wasn't any, but we got a couple other goodies.
Bakery bread .59 each clearance rack
French's Flavor Marinade .75 clearance end cap
-$1/1 French's Flavor Marinade= FREE   **The Provo Smith's does not give you overage on coupons. It overrides them to match the actual price. Annoying, but FREE is still cool. :)

And now I will rest! :)

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