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Thursday, September 26, 2013


Crazy busy day again!! I had a long list and am proud to say that I got it all done! I was able to squeeze in a bit of shopping!

Rancho Market
They've always got at least a few good deals, especially on produce! Sometimes it takes awhile to check out... They need more cashiers! Oh, and a rotten guy, a customer, jumped like lightning in front of us into a line that opened up, even though we had been waiting forever... His mansion is heaven is burning down! ;)

Roma Tomatoes 2 lb/.99

Medium Avocados 2/.99

Pineapple 2 lb/.99

Celery 2/.99

Bananas 2 lb/$1

Chicken of The Sea Tuna 2/$1

Kale .89 ea

Mangoes .89 ea


 Shur Saving .88 ea
Meadow Gold ice cream novelties 1.25 ea
Milk (not shown) 2.39 per gallon (includes whole milk!!!)
1 lb Strawberries .62 ea
Bananas .45/lb (too bad I didn't know they had them cheaper than Rancho! But now I have plenty of bananas!)
Red Grapes .98/lb
Spinach 1.07 (not on sale but I needed some)
Romaine Lettuce .77 ea

We also went apple picking at the Bishop's home this afternoon. I now have tons of lovely apples to turn into all kinds of yummy applesauce and apple pie filling! Just got to get around to doing it! :)

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