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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

School Stuff!

I hit up a bunch of schools this evening with my little partner in crime! We found tons of teacher supplies, lots of them still sealed! The kids are excited to keep a few things but most of it I will sell.

 And a couple of hammocks.
 And a gigantic sleeping bag!
 Shipping supplies.
 Tons of brand new packages of paper and stickers!
 Rolls of stickers, stencils, fabric, notebooks, feathers, baby wipes, totes.
 Binder, two buckets of stamps, mugs, note paper, birthday invitations,pins, crayons, name cards.
This was a fabulous haul and a fun time with my girl! She is going to use the fabric to make a skirt for her new doll.

Tomorrow I will be hunting clearance deals at Fresh Market and Kmart. Stay tuned! 

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