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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Dumpsters Part 2!

My daughter and I went out hunting this evening and came back with an amazing dumpster haul!!
And I got INTO the bins for the first time in ages! Feeling so much healthier and more capable!
 Two of these twisty toys, from different bins in different towns.
 A bunch of men's shorts and safety coveralls, work clothes, etc.
 A box of assorted unopened construction supplies. I'll post more specifics tomorrow.
 A movie, two safety rails, this awesome cast iron wheel valve thingy, and three NEW vent covers, two still sealed!
A handy tray and some kind of light fixture electrical part.

 This AMAZING extra wide roll of lovely fabric!!!!
 A Wii mat. Not sure if it works or how to test it. Never have used one.
 3 beautiful artificial plants.
 A booster seat and two pots.
 This fabulous shelving unit!!! Just needs to be tightened! Yes, I got in and dragged that sucker out and loaded/unloaded it all by myself! Mama is feeling powerful!! ;-)

I'm excited to look through the box of bits and see if I can use any of them. Or sell them. :-)
And now homework! 

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