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Monday, July 18, 2016


Hey kids,
I stopped at Allens today in Provo, not one of my usual shopping spots, and was thrilled with my discoveries!
 I found Allen's clearance food rack by the registers and grabbed a bunch of goodies!
Knolls Bullion .25 ea
Onion gravy .10 ea
Pork seasoning .49 ea
Asst. Crock pot sauces .39 ea
Gamesa cookies 1.49 ea
Smuckers Dark chocolate topping. 99
And some sale items:
Powerade  .50 ea
Western Family 98% fat free cream of chicken soup .88 ea

 Vine tomatoes and Dole salads! Great deals!
I'll be back next week to see what else they've got going on!

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