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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My week off!!

Hey kids, I am busy enjoying my week off of school! The fam and I have been doing lots of deep cleaning and getting projects done, then rewarding ourselves richly for our efforts. I wish I had more than a week. There's just so much to do!!
My oldest and I have gone diving a couple of times this week and we found some goodies! It's the final push for our public schools and you can tell by the bins!
 Awesome old drafting chair.
 Ironing board.
 A tutu, a hats, some books and little frames.
 A bunch of pajama /craft time t-shirts.
 Here's the doozy! The following couple of pics are all of the Swiffer refills and Lever 2000 soap bars, dishes, and sponges, all individually wrapped, that one of our schools chucked. Pretty sad but they have at least beat the landfill.
 Also two of these perfectly good blue laundry baskets.

 Not sure if I showed you guys this office chair last time. Very good condition!
A couple of doors.

We'll be heading out hunting at least two more times this week. Stay tuned! 

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