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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Catching up!

Hey kids! I've had a really busy week and weekend! Finally have a chance here to bring you up to date on my latest adventures!

I received in the mail the other day a lovely freebie that I am super excited about! Proctor & Gamble sent me these safety locks from Dreambaby.
With a baby crawling and climbing everywhere, these will come in really handy!

I've done some hunting and have found some fabulous things. This lot here is what I am most excited about today:
These necklaces were all tangled together. The previous owner must have just been frustrated with the mess and didn't want to deal with it.
I was more than happy to untangle them. :) This is one of the rare cases where I have chosen to keep treasures for myself. I just love me some jewelry!

I hit Walmart today to grab some double coupon deals.
Total Spent: $3.91
Have you printed your $1 Rayovac coupons yet?? How about your reset Duncan Hines coupons?? Don't miss out!! 
I'm thinking I'll have enough deodorants for my own storage with plenty left over to sell at the yard sale. I'll be picking up 10 more next Tuesday! 

Ps. I have all these cases of honey graham crackers. I need to share them! If you can use a case, let me know!!

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