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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Last evening...

I went hunting last night. I waited till the temperature had cooled to a reasonable level. The A/C is still out in my van. It'll be in the shop tomorrow. Here's hoping they'll finally figure it out!!
So I hit my regular school route and was getting more and more frustrated. I was pretty much ready to give up but there was one more school on the way home, so I went ahead and stopped.
I checked the recycling bin first and my hope was reborn! I found a big box of fabulous Apron Stories!
A whole bunch of great stories and the aprons to put the story pieces on. I told the kids we'll keep their favorite two and sell the rest. It'll be hard to let go of them though..

I found more keyboards and computer accessories. Been finding lots of those kinds of things.

Scrapbooking paper, some unopened. Bottle of puff paint, brand new!

Calculators, hangar bags full of games...

And the find I like the most?
This Charles Schulz framed color print. It summed up perfectly the evening's efforts. :)

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