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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


So I had to have a procedure done on my jaw yesterday. I knew it would put me out of commission for awhile, so I made sure to hit Smith's for another whack at the Mega 10 Event and I also hit all the Provo recycling bins, before heading to the doctor.
I am of course grateful for all the goodies that find, some of which I find a use for and others I sell. It still really bothers me though, the way that our schools are so wasteful.
I found tons of spiral notebooks!! A few of them had students' names written on the front but none of them had any writing inside. These were literally perfect condition notebooks that they just threw out! I will save some for my family's use but the majority I will sell at this summer's yard sale.
I also found some Spanish text books that I will sell online.
I can only wonder (with dismay) how many other things they throw out that I miss out on!! It really is shameful....

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