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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I went to Walmart in Springville today to do some double coupons. I have recently done the math on the almonds and pistachios that I had been buying at the dollar store versus using a coupon for Wonderful brand nuts. Doubling the $.50 coupons for almonds and pistachios is a better deal per ounce than the dollar store. Not sure about the walnuts or cashews yet. I will have to check it out.I know that the bags of shelled peanuts the dollar store gets are still cheaper than getting them elsewhere.
I didn't grab anything too exciting with my coupons today, just nuts, cheese sticks and deli meat.
Two of the deals I did grab are worth mentioning:

Frigo 12 ct String Cheese $2.98
-$.50/1 Frigo (doubled)= $1.98

12 pack Coke products 3/$9 ad matched with Target= $.25 per can!

Still waiting to see Smith's new ad.... hoping for something exciting....   :)

Ps. My husband and I have a goal for this year that I would like to challenge you all to join in!
We are thrilled to have no credit card debt and have made the goal of acquiring NO credit card debt this year!!! I know it is possible with the right budgeting and as long as there aren't any disasters. Here's to making our goal a reality! 

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