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Monday, February 11, 2013

What can you do with $12?

I am sticking to my commitment to only spend money I actually have and this week I have just $12. With coupons and sales, I think I should be able to stretch it pretty far. Up for a competition?? What can you do with just $12?? I'd love for you to find out and let me know!!

1st stop: Macey's:

I hit Macey's first and bought the following:
(4) Hormel Compleats Meals @ .99 ea
-$1/1 Hormel Compleats= FREE

(6)La Victoria 28 oz Green Enchilada Sauce @ .75 ea
-$1.50/3 La Victoria products= .25 ea
I paid $1.86

You must buy increments of 5 of the mix and match items to get the prices I did.
I would strongly recommend getting into your Maceys store today!! There were stocked, but these items will disappear quickly!!!

Fresh Market:

This was my pricey stop.

(3) Land o Frost deli shaved lunch meat $1.99
-.55/1 any Land o Frost= $1.44 ea

Pork Loin Chops $1.75 (clearance meat)

No Trace Pet waste bag dispenser .50
This was in the clearance at the back of the store. I don't need it, but will sell it on ebay and hopefully make a nice profit! Keep your eye out for resale clearance items!!!

I paid $6.83.


My final stop today was Stokes in Salem. I took advantage of one of their today only deals:

(5) Western Family Chili @ .39 ea
I paid $2.01
You'll find this item in the entry way. Very well stocked! Get in there today!!!

I spent a total of $10.70 today. I have just $1.30 left. Tomorrow I will hit Walmart and Smith's. Let's see what I can do with it! I'm excited!!

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