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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

$12 Challenge, Day 2

I was lucky to find a little more change on my husband's dresser and in the deep recesses of my purse.
So, truth be told, I went a bit over $12 but I did stick to my commitment of only spending cash on hand.

I hit the Springville Walmart and was much later than I had planned on being. It was just too darn cold this morning. So I missed out on a couple of things but am pleased with what I ended up with and with what I paid.

(7) El Monterey frozen burritos
(7) Lipton Iced Tea Single Serve Samplers
(1) Aquafresh Kids' Toothpaste
(1) men's Speedstick deodorant
(2) Duncan Hines Red Velvet Cake mixes
Your challenge: Guess how I did it!
I paid $1.98

Then I hit Smith's in Provo.

(1) Loaf Kroger Wheat Bread .88
(1) Dole Bagged Salad .99 (clearance)
(1) L'oreal Root Rescue $1.75 (clearance)
Your challenge: Guess how I did it!
I paid $2.05

So, today's total: $4.03

Total for the week: $14.73

For those who don't think you can do much with pocket change or that it isn't worth your two seconds to pick up a penny, I have happily disproved that belief! All done with change I have gathered!

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  1. my goal this week is to only spend $30 till payday on Friday....going to try to do it for less than that but we will see what happens. You are so good at budgeting and I am trying to get there.