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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Shopping today!

I hit three stores today with all the kids in tow... I won't be able to make it to the gym today but I think the shopping makes up for it. :)
Here's Buy Low:
Milk $1.97
Oranges 5lb/$1
Tomatoes 3lb/$1
Fuji apples .79/lb
Bananas 3lb/$1
Peaches 2lb/$1
Loose Carrots 3lb/$1
ad-matched w/Rancho Mkt:
Mangoes 2/.99
Leaf Lettuce .33 ea

Then we hit Smith's:
 I found their clearance end cap and raided it!
La Croix Sparkling Water .99 ea
Quaker bars $1.19
Fiber bars $1.19
Hidden Valley 16oz dressing $1.49 ea
This is at the Provo store and there are still lots of the dressings. If you haven't printed your Hidden Valley facebook coupons, get on it and use them here! Your dressing will be just .49 each!!
American Beauty noodles .49
Honey Grahams $1.20
Quilted Northern $4.79
Corn Tortillas (not on clearance) 10/$10
Malt o meal cereal lg bags $2.50 (these are the only two kinds on sale)

And finally... Fresh Market!
I haven't hit this store in a LONG time! But this week they have some awesome summer stock ups!
 Western Family lg bagged cereal 4/$10
  WF Fruit Snacks .69
WF 10 ct granola bars 1.67ea
Sunbelt Granola and Cereal bars 3/$5
Snack Pack Puddings .79 ea

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