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Monday, June 11, 2012

Me and my Mama! Oh, and tax dollars at work... :(

 My mom came diving with me today!!! I had found some vintage sewing patterns in a recycling bin at a local elem school but couldn't reach all of them and can't find my grabber. Mama was intrigued and came over with her super awesome, high performance grabber and we headed back to the bin. We grabbed as many as we could, turns out I had only seen the tip of the ice berg! Then, when we couldn't reach anymore, we tossed my son in there and he excitedly got the rest for us! Team effort!
 Turns out that old patterns sell really well on ebay. Good stuff!!
 All of our patterns, sorted and stacked.

So now the crappy part of the day. Once again, when hitting up my new favorite, secret set of bins to collect my weekly haul of coupons..
... just like last week, I found a whole bunch of books that had been thrown away. :(
A complete set of encyclopedias, a stack of brand new Scholastic Literacy Source books, and some vocab text books and beginner's dictionaries. My husband says that encyclopedias are obsolete. Here, in this spoiled area that we live in, that may be true. But I know there are plenty of people around the world and even in our great nation that would love to have these books! SO FRUSTRATED!! You will find your tax dollars in your local elem school's recycling bins, in case you were wondering.
If anyone knows of a book drive or anywhere these books can be used, please let me know!!

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  1. You could donate them to the local library and they will sell them as used books to help fund the library. Also, any chance I can have a look at those patterns? What's your name on eBay, and I'd be happy to look them up there!