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Saturday, July 9, 2011


 Friends! Sorry I've been awol lately. I have begun writing a book and it has been taking most of my computer time. I have gotten some shopping done recently and a few other fun things so let's catch up!
 I hit Walmart yesterday to do a bunch of ad matching. Although I usually like to be faithful in supporting my favorite stores, I just wasn't up to making separate trips.
  I matched the Huggies with Smith's for $8.69.
-$2.00/1 Huggies Snug and Dry
The Kellogg's cereals I also matched with Smiths for $1.67 each.
-.70/1 Rice Krispies
-.70/1 Crunchy Nut  (both of these coupons are from a booklet I picked up at Walmart recently.)
The bananas were great at Walmart's price of .45/lb.
The Fuji apples I matched with Buy Low for .50/lb.
The Peaches were also .50/lb at Buy Low.
The French Bread was .79 at Buy Low.
The Leaf Lettuce I matched with Macey's for .79.
 The gallons of milk are $1.99 each at Buy Low.
I matched Buy Low again to get the 12 oz frozen Orange Juice for .99 each.
The Danimals and Danonino yogurts were $1.87 each at Walmarts price.
-1.00/1 Danimals yogurt
-1.00/1 Danonino yogurt
The bucket of ice cream was $4.99. I needed it for a get together tomorrow and just went with best deal I could find there. If I had room in my freezer, I would jump at the next chance to have a couple of inexpensive boxes of ice cream on hand. You know how I HATE to pay full price for ANYTHING!!

 I ended up paying just $3.28 out of pocket for this whole order. Let me tell you how this miracle happened!
I received a phone call the other day from ProPay, the service I use to process credit cards for my Mary Kay business. They were doing a focus group and invited me to be part of it. I was going to say no until they mentioned the $40 thank you gift card I would receive! For just one hour of my time and a small amount of gas, I earned this fabulous gift card which paid for the majority of my order! Lesson learned: Jump at ANY chance to earn extra money! (legally of course. )    ;)
 When you have your eye on the prize and putting in the effort to do good things for your family, the Lord pours out all kinds of blessings. You just have to be open to receiving them!

 So I just got my first Kellogg's $5 prepaid gas card in the mail the other day! Using the codes from the many boxes of specially marked cereal I've been buying lately, I will end up with probably 7 or so gas cards. That will not only make all of my cereal FREE, but will earn me a nice chunk of change on top of that! Again, seizing opportunities!!
 As I was putting away my new diapers, I noticed an offer for a FREE Huggies onesie on the package. Buy using just two codes from the diapers that I have already bought, I will order 2 FREE onesies which I will add to my gift box to have on hand for future baby showers. The limit is two per household.

 Where else can you get FREE stuff or great savings?? Everywhere!! The opportunities surround you! Just open your eyes and be more aware and you'll be amazed at all the great deals you will find!

 Happy Shopping and Saving!!!

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