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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Doesn't have to be free.. Deal of the Day!

 With all the exposure 'extreme couponing' has been getting, there has risen a false and popular assumption that if it isn't FREE, it isn't a good deal. NOT TRUE!!! Remember, if you are getting something that your family uses on a regular basis, needs and enjoys, and you are paying LESS THAN FULL PRICE, you ARE GETTING A GOOD DEAL!!! Yes, FREE is a GREAT DEAL! It's just not going to happen every time with every item! Please don't get discouraged! You can save money. You can build a storage for your family. You just need to practice smart shopping and seize a good deal when you see it. Having the right tools definitely helps!
 One of my super hero tools that I would die without, is my favorite website: They have compiled such an amazing assortment of knowledge, coupons, insights, tips and other glory and wonder! EVERY COUPONER needs to follow this site!!!
 I used it today to find a coupon which contributed to my deal of the day. Macey's has Old Orchard frozen apple juice (which my family uses all the time!) for .99 starting tomorrow. I searched's coupon database to find a printable coupon for -$1/4, making them just .74 each. I was able to print 2 coupons, which means I'm getting 8 cans of concentrate. This is, combined with my stock of orange juice, enough to keep us happy for 6 weeks, which is the minimum supply you should get of every item your family uses. (Most items go back on sale approximately every 6 weeks) I don't have room for more than 8 cans of juice, and since I practice 'reasonable stockpiling,' this is an ideal amount. Remember, you don't need a giant crazy stockpile room full of 500 tubes of toothpaste and 80 bottles of salad dressing!!! Get the amount that your family will need for at least 6 weeks, and ideally, if you can store it and keep it from going bad, one year's worth of storage of each item.
 That is my ranting for the day! ;)

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