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Friday, July 22, 2011

Ad-Matching Extravaganza!

 The kids and I hit Walmart yesterday with a whole list of items to ad match. We made good time and ended up with an experienced cashier that moved quickly though our order.
  You know I hate paying full price for ANYTHING, but sometimes we have to. I bought the milk at $2.33 per gallon. My husband informed me that we are not "so poor that we can't buy milk" and he want real milk in the house. He's a funny guy, he works hard and complains very little so if he wants milk, I'll buy milk. :)
 The bread was also full price. It was marked $1.08 but rang up $1.25 now that I'm looking at the receipt. Yes, next time I'm in the store, I will get my .34 back! :)
 The 10 count Don Julio tortillas I ad matched with Smith's at .88 each and bought 6 of them.
 The box of Huggies diapers I matched with Kmart for $18.99, then I used the recent -$3/1 Huggies 60+ ct coupon to get them for just $15.99. I'm well stocked on diapers for a little while.
  Holy cereal Batman!!! Yes, that is 11 boxes of Kellogg's!!! I matched all of them with Smith's for $1.67 each. Then I used 3 fabulous coupons; (2) -$5/5 Kellogg's coupons, (1) -$1/1 Kellogg's Crunchy Nut (Nutrigrain breakfast coupon booklet). This made all of them just .67 each!!! We have cereal. Oh yes, we have a lotta cereal in my house. And even the milk to put with it! ;)
  Walmart sells these pens for .97 per pack. A decent price... But Kmart has them for just .48 each this week!! So of course I matched it and then printed (2) -$1/2 Bic products coupons from to get all four packs FREE! If you're anything like me, pens are like cups and socks. You can never have enough and lose one or two each week. Jump on this deal my friends!
 The Ibuprophen was a better price than any others I had seen for the week and my body needed it. I got the 500 ct for $6.98. I also needed non-stick spray and went with the Great Value brand for $1.82.
The whipped topping I matched with Macey's for .88 each and grabbed 5 of them.
The Old Orchard juice is .99 at Macey's this week. I bought 8 and used (2) -$1/4 online coupons that I found using's coupon database, a fabulous resource!
 Finally, I also matched the lemonade with Macey's for  .88 each. We go through lots of frozen juice but this should keep us for awhile when combined with the orange juice from the sale the other week.
Total Retail Value: $149.89 (w/tax)
Total Spent: $59.88 (w/tax) .....and of course I'll get that .34 back later...  ;) 
Now I must go do some chores. Happy Shopping and Ad-Matching my friends!

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