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Monday, November 4, 2013

Week Long Fiscal Fast

  Hey kids! Sorry I have been MIA for so long! My mom was in the hospital and then I broke my foot and then I had surgery for something else this last Tuesday. Things have been crazy! I've done a little bit of necessity shopping and some scavenging here and there but I am seriously jonesing for a financial fix! I will be doing some serious shopping this Wednesday, so stay tuned!!!
  So the hubs and I collected coupon inserts today to sell. Totally scored big! It is so nice when he is home to help, especially since I'm still pretty sore; it's nice to have him jump in the bins and give me a little break. :)
I'm sitting here sorting and counting the inserts and watching a new to me show on Netflix: Extreme Cheapskates. It is so right up my alley! Some of it is a little much for me. I just can't do cloth toilet paper!!! Even I have my limits!! I am super excited however, about this WEEK LONG FISCAL FAST idea!
  The gist is this: 4-7 times each year, spend NO MONEY for an ENTIRE WEEK!!! Absolutely NONE!! I am crazy excited to try this!! Especially where we have the indulgent holidays coming quickly, this is an ideal time to save a bit in preparation for Christmas spending! And then, do another fast right after New Years! What a lovely, cleansing idea! I am going to sit down with the family tonight and figure out which week this month will be our first fast. Stay tuned for details!!!

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  1. Not just the cloth toilet wipes, but sharing a piece of dental floss. The show is a new one. Just started last week.