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Friday, November 15, 2013


 I just love my life! There are struggles and trials aplenty, but dang! The blessings are nearly drowning me! I just feel like crying today at how very blessed I am and how wonderful my life is. Just wanted to share that happiness with all of you! I hope you too are having a blessed day!

Now, let's get down to business! I will hopefully be hitting Smith's tomorrow (Kroger), so stay tuned for a report. The Payson store gets their delivery truck tonight, so they should be well-stocked tomorrow morning! Don't miss out on all the amazing stock up deals on the current mega 10 sale!!

Also, be sure you hop over to, log in, and load today's FREEBIE to your loyalty card! It looks like some kind of pita chips. I'm excited to give them a try! I missed the last couple of Friday FREEBIES and was totally bummed. I didn't let that happen this time and neither should you!

And finally, another money saving bit of awesomeness! My younger brother works for Macey's grocery store and has access to deals that are only available to employees. He totally made my day today when he informed me of some stock up goodies that had just hit their sell by date and were being sold for just $1.00 per case!! Holy awesome!!
Now, I don't mean to taunt you, my friends, with this awesomeness. Instead, I want to encourage you to put the word out that you are someone who is looking for amazing deals! Put the word out to family, friends and neighbors; that way when they happen upon a deal, they will think to let you know! I've gotten so many amazing deals that way!

Again, my friends, I am blessed. I hope that some of this extra happiness I am feeling today will drift out over the internet to you!

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