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Saturday, November 9, 2013

More Great Savings! Shopko Clearance!!

Friends!! What an exciting evening I have had! For two hours, the kids and I scoured every inch of the toy, clothing, and clearance holiday sections at the Spanish Fork Shopko, plus the Christmas section! And here's the coolest part: they were so well behaved!!! I still can't believe how great they were! It probably helped that a lot of our focus was on what neat things they wanted to add to their Christmas lists... :)
There are tons of great clearance and sale priced toys. Tons!! And not just silly crap. It's all the stuff that kids are wanting right now. My girly girl was quite enthusiastic. :)
In the women's clearance clothing, I scored big time on lots of cute, trendy clothing. Part of my continuing "I care about me" campaign. Mommy deserves to have cute clothes that fit! ;)
The fall/Halloween clearance is spread out in a couple different parts of the store. I found so many cute little gems at ridiculous, better than the dollar store prices!! Check it out!!!
Not only that, I had earned my $10 pharmacy coupon and put it toward all the goodies I found! I was going to save it to put toward Christmas presents but decided that this time, Mommy's stuff was more of a necessity! :)
Such a good evening! I always love my kids, but sometimes, like now, I really like them too! ;)

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