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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Today's fruitful hunt!

Today was a LEARNING EXPERIENCE! I can barely walk; pushed this crunchy old body abit too much, even got in a fight with a guy in a skirt. Good times.
I hit several store dumpsters and was underwhelmed. Turns out that the school bins are still my best bet. One in particular had all kinds of goodies. While I was in there, some workers came out to dump more stuff. We had a few good laughs and then they told me about 5 big trees that needed to go away. I took a look at them, called my mom, and before long, her and Grandpa Denna were on their way to come help me with them. While waiting for them, I got in the fight with the guy in the skirt.... long story. All that matters is that I won. Mama showed up in the middle of it. I figured, heck, if things get too sticky, Mama's gotta be packin,' so it'll all shake out all right. :)
Anywho, we got the trees. I'll put a pic up later. They cost $300 each retail. Turns out they're just for indoors around here so now we're gonna see about selling them.
After I was dead tired, and so were the kids, and ready to head home, mom called. She had seen more junk being thrown out and it looked like scrap metal. I went back and jammed everything I could into my van, including a dolly. I took the scrap metal straight over to the recycling plant in Provo and made $25 off of it. I wasn't able to fit the biggest pieces into my van, what with kids, groceries, and other acquisitions filling the interior. I may go back for them tomorrow if I get this old body moving again.
Here are today's acquisitions, minus the trees and scrap metal.
 The dolly
 Plastic hangers, school chair, folding metal chair, knee pad for gardening
 Packaging materials
 Cloth shopping bag full of gap kids clothes
Wrapping paper, v-tech bear, tithing tins, Veggie tails cd's, still in the plastic! Good times. The smalls are fun, but they just don't pay for the effort. The coupons and scrap metal are where the money's at and definitely what I'll be focusing on for now.

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  1. You continue to amaze me! Way to go, Julie! Ain't no man in a skirt gonna mess with your stuff, eh? I hope those aches and pains settle down sooner rather than later. Wow.