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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stokes & Fresh Market

The baby and I did a bit of shopping today. First was Stokes.
 32 oz Western Family yogurt $1.67
2 lb Cheese $4.88
Pineapple tid bits .67
Sunbelt bars $1.49
ps. There are coupons on the back of the boxes that will make my next ones less than a dollar each!
 I almost forgot about the Wonder bread store. Did that earlier. All of these, including the whole wheat hamburger buns were .99 each!
Then Fresh Market.
Santitas $1.88 I hate paying this much but I needed them for tonight.
Western Family Alfredo mix .59
Barilla whole grain noodles $1.00
WF Cake cups $1.00
Nestle candy bars 3/$1
-.75/2 Crunch singles= +.09/2!!!
I got 30 candy bars and thanks to the coupons, they were just $.10 each!!!
I forgot to grab the $1 graham cracker pie crusts... :( I will have to ad match them at Buy Low tomorrow. Gotta head up there for milk and produce. I highly recommend you get up there too! Today or tomorrow!!

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