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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

yesterday at Walmart

 The fam and I hit the Payson Walmart yesterday evening to do some double coupons. Word to the wise: don't bother with Payson after like noon on a Tuesday. It is too crowded and difficult to maneuver, especially at the front end of the store. Also, they stock a lot less than Springville and Orem. I missed out on several items that I came for that I never have a problem finding in Springville. Luckily the coupons I didn't get to use won't expire before next Tuesday.
 I did the best I could to make the trip worthwhile and ended up saving $64. Here's what I got:
 Milk $1.97 ad matched w/Buy Low's last week price
Resolve $2.48
-.50/1 Resolve (doubled to -$1= $1.48)
Jell-o pudding .73 ea
-.50/2 jello products (doubled to -$1/2= .23 ea)
 Carefree liners .97
-.50/1 Carefree liners (doubled to -$1= +.03 each!!!)
Betty Crocker cookie mix 17.5 oz $1.98 ea
-.50/1 Betty Crocker cookie mix 17.5 oz+ (doubled to -$1= .98)
Ajax dish soap $1.87
-.20/1 (doubled to -.40/1= $1.47 ea)
Miracle Whip $2.98
-.50/1 Miracle whip (doubled to -$1= $1.98)
Pepsi Next $1.00 ea
-.55/1 Pepsi next (doubled to -$1= FREE)
Cool Whip .97 ea (ad matched with Stoke's last week price)
-.50/2 Cool whip= .72 ea (cheaper than doubling)

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