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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Double Coupon Day! And the Wonder store!

 My wonderful neighbor tended the older two kids so that I only had the baby with me when I hit the Springville Walmart this afternoon. Yay for the Springville store! They had nearly everything I came for. So much better than my recent Payson experiences. Plus I found an absolutely wonderful cashier named Michelle. She is young and has long brown hair. I highly recommend you look for her!
 Here's what we got:
 SunDrop 2 ltr soda $1.38
-$1/1 Sundrop soda= .38 ea
16 oz Hidden Valley Ranch $2.50 ea (ad-matched w/associated foods)
-$1/1 Hidden Valley (online coupon)= $1.50 ea
 Milk $2.39
-.75/1 any milk (doubled to -$1)= $1.39 ea
32 oz Yoplait yogurt $2 ea (ad-matched w/Smith's)
16 oz Land o frost deli meat $3.49 ea (ad-matched w/Smiths)
-.55/1 16 oz land o frost (online coupon)= $2.94 ea
Jolly Time 3 pk Popcorn $1.48 ea
-.50/1 jolly time (doubled to -$1)= .48 ea
Ice cream cones $1.38
Minute Maid $1
Allergy 36 ct $.88
Jell-o gelatin and pudding .62-.94 ea
-.50/2 jell-o pudding or gelatin (doubled to -$1/2)= .12-.44 ea
Hungry Jack potatoes carton $1.25
-FREE Hungry Jack potato carton (mailer coupon)
Mr. Clean original Magic Erasers $1.97
-.50/1 Mr. Clean magic eraser (doubled to -$1/1)= .97 ea
Carefree liners .94 ea
-.50/1 carefree product (doubled to -$1/1)= +.03 each!!!

The kids and I enjoyed a walk to the Wonder bread store. Perfect weather for it!
The sandwich bread, hoagies, and cinnamon raisin bread were all $.99 ea.
The onion buns were $1.80 and we used them to make yummy sandwiches for a late lunch.

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