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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wonder Bread Outlet Store

 I hit the Wonder outlet store in Spanish Fork last week. There was a sign out front advertising $1.00 bread. Since we were re-grouting our kitchen this last week, I didn't get to make my own bread and we were desperately needing sandwiches! So my son and I hit it up. I was sad to find that the $1 bread, though a super deal,was one of the only good deals I found. Most other products were priced higher that you'd find in the regular grocery store. There were some good deals on things like Ho Ho's and Twinkies, but not on any real food. My son and I did splurge on 4 Chocodiles at $.25 each to eat at the park. That was a nice little treat. :)
I will continue to pick up bread at the Wonder Outlet when the need arises, but for any other food, I will stick with my usual haunts.

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