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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dinner and Movie Review

 My wonderful husband took me out on a date last night. My in laws watched the kids and they had a great time together. I needed this little rendezvous! We had a lovely time!
 The hubs and I have made a commitment to trying out a new local restaurant each month. No chains aloud! We are lately obsessed with the economy and whatever we can do to bolster it.
So we hit the Casa Salza here in Spanish Fork, next to Shopko. Their location is unfortunate as all the previous businesses have been unsuccessful. I really wish these guys better luck. Their Salsa alone is worth the visit!
The food was yummy, best when you load the salsa on top. Be sure to order an extra large order of the salsa or you won't have enough. It looks um.. different. But the taste is amazing!!! Best salsa I have EVER had at a restaurant!!
The service was good and the prices were about average with everywhere else. Don't plan on eating authentic Mexican fare. There is even a stenciled bit on the wall reading "100% NON-AUTHENTIC!"
No matter, it is delicious! My husband had one steak and one pork taco with a side of beans and rice. He said they were some of the best tacos he'd ever had.
I had a smothered chicken burrito, with a side of salad and chips. The salsa really enhanced the taste, though it would have been fine without it. The only thing I longed for was guacamole. I'll have to check next time to see if they have any.
   The only complaints we had were that they could have kept the dining room a bit cleaner. They weren't busy enough to have a napkin and plastic ware on the floor. It wasn't much of course, but enough to notice.
  We hit the Cinemark theatre at Provo Towne Center to use our free movie gift cards we got for Christmas from James' work. I had been wanting to see Sherlock Holmes, Game of Shadows for some time and we finally did it!
  I LOVE Robert Downey Jr!!! The movie was great! I really enjoyed it and can I just say what a comfortable theatre they have there?? So comfortable!
  I recommend Casa Salza and the new Sherlock Holmes movie! Can't wait to see what we try out next month!

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