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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


So I am afraid that some of the parents in my daughter's class are going to think they need to do Secret Santa for us... They keep seeing me digging around in the recycling bins at the school. I PROMISE we are not poor! Just looney! :) I even have a grabber now (Thank you Grandma!!) and am so much more efficient!
I was thrilled to find that the library was getting rids of tons of books in the recycling bins today!

I love reading and my kids love listening to stories. Most of these are chapter books. I will either read them to the kids or save them for when they are a bit older. I can't believe they didn't donate them somewhere... that bugs me a bit, but I am glad that we will now get to enjoy them. :)
I also found a bunch of great coupon inserts. Yay for having a grabber!
We also hit Saver's today. My belly is finally starting to grow, (I have my ultrasound tomorrow!!) so I am needed more comfortable clothes. Maternity clothes are notoriously expensive. I have been blessed to have some good friends give me pants, shirts, bras and such that they no longer need. So all I needed to do was supplement the shirts and church clothing.

I found all of these great clothes plus a pair of gloves for my daughter and a zip up binder for my coupons and paid just 1/10 of what I would have had to pay at full retail! I love Saver's!!

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