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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Double Coupon Day!

Yesterday my son and I spent literally the whole day laying down, fighting a nasty cold. It was a less than productive day but I enjoyed the cuddle time. :)
We are still fighting colds, but I was not going to let today go down the tubes! Several of my doubling coupons expire on the 31st, so this had to get done! I got up fairly early and hit Walmart in Springville by 9am. It sure makes a difference when you get there early on Tuesdays! I was able to get what I wanted and had a good shopping experience.
Butter $1.88 @ Winco
Cool whip .68 @ Winco
Milk $2.39 (can't wait to have more coupons!!)
Yoplait yogurt 8 pack. $4
-.50/1 (doubled to $1= $3.00 each= .37 each

 Jolly Time Popcorn 4 pack $1.48
-.50/1 (doubled to $1= .48 each
Beech Nut baby cereal $1.48
-.55/1 (doubled to $1= .48 each
French's Fried Onions $2.98
-.50/1 (doubled to $1= $1.98
C&H 2 lb Brown Sugar $2.08
-.50/1 (doubled to $1= $1.08
Swiss Miss diet Cocoa powder $2.28
-.50/2 (doubled to $1/2= $1.78 ea
Idaho Spuds $1.58
-.55/1 (doubled to $1= .58 each
Slim Fast Meal bars $4.88
-.75/1 (doubled to $1= $3.88 ea
36 ct Allergy medicine .88 each
Spring Valley Prenatal $8.00
The larger bottle is cheaper per pill than the smaller bottle.
Reeses Peanut Butter Chips $1.88 ea
-1/2 coupon= $1.33 each
Hershey's Kisses $1.24 (CLEARANCE)
-1/3 Hershey's kisses= .90 each!!!

Here are my FREEBIES!
Fanta Soda .98
-.99/1 any size Coke product= FREE
Carefree pantiliners .94
-.50/1 (doubled to $1= FREE
Reach Dental floss .97
-.50/1 (doubled to $1= FREE
Zone Perfect Bars .97 each
-.50/1 (doubled to $1= FREE
Aquafresh Travel size toothpaste .97 each
 -.50/1 (doubled to $1= FREE
Remember that any coupon overage goes toward your total purchase balance!
On this first order, I saved about 70% overall.
Christmas Clearance!
This is the best time of year to stock up on cousins/friends/classmates birthday presents, stocking stuffers, neighbor gifts and gifts for your kids! Everything is at least HALF PRICED! Get in now for best selection!
Remember, as you saw with my Hershey's Kisses, you can use valid coupons with CLEARANCE items!!
These puzzles were all $.50 each.
All of the little bits and pieces items were .48- .50 each.
The Grinch socks were  $1.48
The Cookie Monster Play-doh set was $8.40.
On these clearance items I saved 50% off retail just compared with regular Walmart prices. If I were to compare what I paid to trying to get these items regular price, at any other store, I know my percentage would be much higher. I promise that if you spend a bit now and stock up, you will save extra money throughout the year!!
I am so glad I got in there early, energized and kid-less! A very smooth shopping trip!!

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