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Friday, December 9, 2011

Consolation... A rough day at work

 As long as I look at my couponing as my career, it makes days like today bearable. I took my sis in law to Walgreens as we both needed toilet paper and she needed a few other things.
 I had both plans all worked out down to the penny. Mine ended up being simple enough... or so I thought.

Except that I didn't realize you had to use an in-ad coupon to get the gum for .79 each, so I had to get a refund. And here's the real heart breaker: I had put my $1/2 Mars Holiday candies coupon into a walmart envelope as I had looked for them there to ad-match since Walgreens was all out of the little Snickers Nutcrackers last time. And I guess I didn't put the coupon back into my Walgreen's envelope. Well of course they had restocked and I had no coupon to use! No FREE chocolates for me!!! :( Yes, it will take me a few days to get over that one.
Next, we had to change my sis's plan last minute when she reminded me that she needed toilet paper. I have been suffering from serious baby brain lately and looking at my paper, I only figured on the total of the 3rd transaction we'd do. So we thought she'd only have to pay around $10. I didn't figure in the other two transactions we'd have to do.
The cashiers up front tried to be helpful by offering to have us check out up there instead of in cosmetics, my comfort zone. We got split up and I couldn't keep track of both of things at once, so hers didn't go as planned. We got out of the store and I was really upset thinking she had way over payed. We went back in and had all of it refunded and started over. The second time around, she ended up paying $.01 more than the first! I was beside myself!!! Until I got into the car with all the receipts and figured out my mistake. Heart wrenching!!!!
The only consolation I could find for us was that if she had bought just the diapers and toilet paper that she needed, she would have spent $3 more than she spent at Walgreen's today, plus she ended up getting $15 in FREE products on top of what she needed. I'm holding onto that fact with my whole, tired, worn out little soul. :)
A rough day at work. We all have them. :)

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  1. You certainly have a good attitude! Sounds like you did okay. I'm so proud of you!