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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Overage is your friend! So is competition!

My son and I hit Walmart today to double some coupons and grab some deals as usual. I just love happy surprises! I had planned to ad-match the Chex cereal with Macey's for $1.49 per box. As I planned to buy a lot, I was anticipating a long time at the register because of all the necessary overrides. How great it was when I went down the cereal aisle and found that Walmart was being competitive and had lowered their price to $1.48! I wouldn't have to price match them!! Plus, they included Honey Nut, which Macey's didn't. I grabbed the last two of those and then lots of corn, rice, and wheat Chex. I don't normally clear shelves and advise against it except when circumstances dictate otherwise. :)
I couldn't pass this up, so I ended up getting a total of 38 boxes. I would have gotten 8 more, but my sis in law also happened to be there, so I talked her into getting them and gave her the rest of my coupons. There's my good deed Santa. ;)
I of course used my -$1/2 coupons and got all of these boxes for $.98 each.

What else did I get??
2 Milk $1.99 @ Walgreen's
-.75/1 1 gal milk (doubled to $1)= $.99 each!!
Bananas .33/lb @ Buy Low
1 bag Salad .78
1 Frigo Light String Cheese $3.48
-.55/1 Frigo (doubled to -$1)= $2.48
1 Welch's juice cocktail $2.00
-.75/1 Welch's juice cocktail (doubled to -$1= $1.00)
2 Yoplait 8 pk yogurts $4.00 each
-$.50/1 Yoplait multipack (doubled to -$1= $3.00 each or .37 per 6oz cup!!)
2 Aquafresh Travel size toothpaste @ .97 each
-.50/1 Aquafresh travel size online coupon(doubled to $1= -.03 each!)
1 Carefree Pantiliner  .94
-$.50/1 Carefree product (doubled to -$1= -.06!!)
4 Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup @ .58 each
-.40/4 Campbells condensed soups (doubled to -.80/4= .38 each
Total Retail Value: $143.82 (w/ tax)
Total Spent: $55.64 w/tax
Not quite to my 75% goal, but I am happy with it. Overage helped me today. Whenever possible, you want to use coupons that will leave a little extra to apply toward your total balance and items that you don't have coupons for, like the salad and bananas. 
I missed out on my Zone Perfect bars that I wanted. Need to get in earlier next week. :)


  1. Sorry to hear you didn't pick up some ZonePerfect bars! Sign up for our VIP Program ( for coupons, news and more! ~Brittany @ZonePerfect