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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Yesterday's Shopping Extravaganza!!!

Hey kids!! Boy have we been busy around here!! I finally was able to have dedicated shopping day yesterday. I had to hit Walmart as it was the LAST day for doubles!!! They are done with it for good now. Sadness!!!
I also hit Smith's and Fresh Market. This is a great time for stock up items!!! Plus I found lots of great resell items!!!
Here's Walmart:
Pizza Crust .52 each

Joy Ice Cream Cups $1.48 each
-.50/1 Joy cupcake online print (doubled)= .48 ea

Barilla Whole Grain Pasta $1.28 each
-.55/1 Barilla Whole Grain Pasta (doubled)= .28 ea!!!

And then Smith's:

Twistos FREE w/Friday FREEBIE upload!

Nature Valley Granola Bars $1.15 (close out)
-.50/1 Nature Valley Yogurt Bar

Atkins Meal Bars $4.49 ea (close out)

Jennie O Turkey Pastrami $2.99 each (clearance)
The meat dept guy was kind enough to slice them for me. :) You just have to ask!

Santitas $1.88 ea

Bananas .39/lb (clearance)

3 pk lettuce $1.89 (clearance)

It is that fabulous time of year at Smith's again!! Clearance season!! They have carts of great clearance items back by the pharmacy (Payson). Here are the ones I grabbed which I will resell on eBay:

Bell No Flats Self-Sealing bike tubes $2.39 each

Zombie and Disney Family Auto Decals $2.00 each

Disney Cars die cast $2.00

And finally.... Fresh Market!

Cottonelle 12 double rolls $4.99 each
-.50/1 Cottonelle toilet paper

Angry Birds gummy candy 4/$1 (clearance cart at front of store)

Ice Cream $4.88

Hunt's Spaghetti Sauce .69 each wyb 10

Craisins $1.00 each (clearance)

Wheat Germ $1.00 (Clearance)

Wheatena Cereal $1.00 each (clearance)
I have kept one box for myself but the rest I listed on eBay as they seem to bring a good price there. :)

What a great shopping day!! It is such a great feeling have so much in my pantry!

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