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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Shopping Today!

Hey kids! I got to do some shopping today! Rancho Market and Lolo's in Provo.
First, Rancho:

1 lb Strawberries .99 each

Nectarines .79/lb

Medium Avacados .89 ea

Red, Yellow, and Orange Bell Peppers .99/lb

Mexican Squash 2lb/.99

Cilantro 3/$1

Brown Onions 5lb/.99

Roma Tomatoes 2lb/.99

Golden Delicious Apples .79/lb

Bananas 2lb/$1

The Lolo's:

2 lb Baby Carrots $1.53 each!!

Large Red Delicious Apples .73/lb

Broccoli Florettes .58/lb!!!

Romaine Lettuce .85 each

WF 98% fat free Cream of Chicken soup .99 each

 Milk $2.48 ea

WF Sandwich Bread .77 each

WF Yogurt .36 each

5 doz Eggs 3.75

Don Julio flour tortillas .89 each

Shur Saving Whipped Cream .89 each

Jiffy Pizza Crust mix .25 (clearance)

Birthday hanging decorations .50 each (clearance)

Do you all remember how the last time I went to Lolo's there were several things that rang up higher than they were marked but I didn't realize it till I was blogging it? Well, this time, there were several things that rang up wrong, but they were all in my favor!! How cool is that?!
I also went hunting today in the bins. Stay tuned for the report!!!

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