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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Today's Purchases!

 Some of you know that I struggle daily with severe allergies. I recently made the promise to myself that I would not let the allergies run my life. Yesterday was an example of putting that promise into action! I am in the middle of an ongoing reaction to some home made multi-grain bread that I thoroughly enjoyed eating but will probably never have again.
I woke up yesterday morning with some energy and got out the door quickly. I was able to hit 3 stores before my well ran dry. So glad I did!. First, Fresh Market in Spanish Fork.
 I got all of this meat super cheap in the clearance section and this bottle of marinade for $.50 on the clearance rolling rack back by the meat dept.

Then Rancho Market in Provo:
 Celery .69 each

Honey dew .69/lb

Cucumbers 3/.99

Green onions 3/$1

Broccoli Crowns .89/lb

Roma tomatoes 2lb/.99

Red onions 2lb/.99

Italian squash 2lb/.99

Cilantro 4/.99

And then, finally, Lolo's:

 Milk $2.34
-FREE gallon of milk store rewards coupon! I got one for FREE and you can too buy signing up for their easy rewards program!

WF Wheat Bread .77 each

Large red apples .73/lb

Green Leaf Lettuce .77 ea

 Shur Savings whipped topping .89 ea

Land O Frost Deli Shaved Meat $1.47 ea

12 pk Shasta soda $2.48 ea

24 pk Shasta soda $$3.47 ea

Later in the day, after some rest, we hopped over to Shopko in Spanish Fork. to grab some prescriptions. While there, I remembered that the baby needed shoes. I found these two nice pair of shoes on sale at good prices and then the friendly shoe lady gave me a 20% off coupon. It works on all Payless shoes in the store. Just ask for one!
It made for such a great deal!!!
I also browsed the Clearance section next to the pharmacy. I found all of this great Easter candy for .29 per bag. It doesn't expire until the end of 2015! Yep, we have next year's Easter candy!
Ps. I got some awesome Smith's (Kroger) reward coupons in the mail yesterday, including some fabulous FREEBIES!! I'll hit the Payson store tomorrow to use them and see what other goodies I might find. This week's ad is lacking excitement, but who knows what hidden treasures there might be?!?! Stay tuned!!

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