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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

While waiting..

You may have noticed that there are no great deals this week. I haven't done any shopping and was itching for a fix, so I've been loading up all of my metal scrap into the van to salvage tomorrow. Trying to earn the money for a hair cut and style.
I've found several good pieces while driving around lately. It's that time of year and people are putting their junk out on the curb. Don't miss out! Stop and grab it! Free money!!!
I found a broken outdoor lamp today on my way home from the gym. It had huge metal palm leaves for the shade and two were already broken off. I broke the rest off easily and they make for lovely yard art! The rest is going to salvage.

On another subject, I have jumped right into spring cleaning this week. Working on the inside and outside of the house. So much to do!!
Yard sale season is fast approaching! Are you going through your things, gathering your yard sale inventory? Now is the time to start prepping!

I also hit the recycling bins today. The score wasn't amazing, but it was good to be out hunting in this lovely weather! Feeling the diving bug coming back as the sun is shining brighter and warmer! The schools will be clearing stuff out really soon! Keep your eye on their dumpsters for great finds!!

What other productive, money making/saving things can you do while we wait for another exciting sale??

I am going to hit Rancho Market tomorrow for some great produce sales. I can always count on them to have something worth getting my wallet out for!

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  1. I have an old microwave you can have to add to your scrap metal recycling pile. Come and get it!