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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Smith's.. Going bananas!

 I've mentioned this before but now and I am even more excited than before! Smith's is great about marking down their produce. Rather than just throwing it out right away like most other stores, as soon
as they are nearing the sell by date, Smith's gives you the chance at a great deal and keeps the produce from going to waste.
I realized today that they even do this with fruit, not just with the bagged salads I had seen and bought before.
I found fabulous bananas at the Payson Smith's and was thrilled to open a couple and find they had just reached the perfect ripeness. Smith's likes having perfect looking produce so when there is even a brown mark, away it must go! And in I sweep to reap the benefits!
I found a metal stand in the back corner of the produce department where they put clearance produce. The bananas I found right next to the full price fruit. It was so cheap and such great quality!
I highly recommend checking it out! Fresh fruit and veggies are so good for you and your family but can be so expensive. With Smith's great clearance and Rancho Market's always amazing deals, there is no excuse to not have your house stocked with great fresh food!!!              

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