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Saturday, December 29, 2012

To pay or not to pay?

 I am getting really tempted to sign up for the extra photo storage on here... I am doing so many projects right now that I am just dying to show off! Must think about it some more..
 I was deep cleaning my shed and attic today. I decided to put into action my decision to dump the summer's inventory. It has been very therapeutic and has freed up so much space! I feel so much better! I am now focusing on organizing and selling the remaining inventory and prepping a more organized shelving situation for this coming summer's inevitable new inventory.
 My van is now full of donations that we will run into town today. I'm going to spend the rest of the winter scavenging for shelving and flooring supplies. My husband and I are designing built shelving for my office and my new sewing center. I'm hoping to only have to pay for the metal pieces. I don't want to have to buy any of the wood.
 In the midst of decluttering, I found a lovely school banner hanging on a dowel with decorative ends. I was about to toss it when I realized that the dowel is perfect for hanging the baby's quilt on her wall. I was going to order quilt hangers. Money saved! I will use left over paint for the dowel and it will work perfectly!
 As often is the case, patience and creativity can provide you with the things you need/want without having to spend much if any money! Put on your creativity caps and keep your eyes open to possibilities that sitting all around you!
 Of course, if you regularly go through what you have and keep organized, you will have a better idea of what items you have that can be put to use. I'm thinking I need to go through my inventory once a month... Gonna set a day to devote on the calendar. Little steps like this are money savers and money makers!
 What are you going to do today to save money on your latest project???

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