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Monday, December 17, 2012

Early Spring Cleaning: Tax Write Off?

 There is a nasty rumor going around that we are going to lose our charitable donation tax deduction next year. I've decided to be proactive, just in case!
 I've been up in the attic and in all the closets this morning, sorting. I have tons of clothing, from my family and my digging. I'm going to take it all to Saver's to not only get the tax deduction, but also to earn a 20% off coupon as I need some sleepers for the baby.
 A surprising money saver was finding a whole bunch of small shirts that will fit my oldest daughter. We had planned to go shopping for her today for just that need and ta-da! I had a whole bunch in my overstock in the attic!
 A business decision I have made recently and am now implementing is this:
The things that I find while hunting and digging during the spring and summer, I will do my best to get them all used or sold by the time fall hits. Whatever is left, as long as it isn't seasonal, I will go ahead and donate. This way I won't feel so cluttered in my office and my husband won't keep bugging me about not being able to get to anything in the shed or attic.
 While cleaning and sorting, I also happened upon several items that need to be sold during the winter for optimal profits. I'm going to get them listed today!
 Cleaning and sorting pays off in all kinds of ways, friends! An added bonus: when spring time comes around, you'll already be clutter-free and can just head out and enjoy the weather while everyone else is Spring Cleaning!
 Ps. I've hit my limit of picture space for this blog. Until I decide that the extra storage space is worth the monthly cost, I will just be listing found objects and grocery hauls. No pictures. :/

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  1. You are the third relative I have who, in the past month, has hit the limit of picture space on their blog. What's the deal!

    Anyway, congratulations on your finds, and on all your hard work. I'm so proud of you.