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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I'm back from my fabulous Mexico vacation! You know, the one I paid for all by myself with babysitting, dumpster diving and couponing the last three months. Awesome good times!!
I was thrilled to come back and find all kinds of deals are going on this week! Tons of great coupons came out and so many stock up sale items everywhere!
I had a great time leaving work behind, but now I am ready for a money saving high!
Macey's was a quick stop today. They have frozen veggies 4/$5, which about equals what I've paid at Sam's club.
I also went to Shopko. I got my latest prescription club reward coupon and was excited to use it!

These citronella candles in porcelain pots were regularly $7.99! I got them for .79 each on the clearance shelf!! The good n' natural bar ($1.29) was FREE with the new coupon. Gotta get more of them! Shopko is the only place I've found that sells them.
The Slim fast shakes were $8.99 and the Shopko brand slim powder was $5.99 each. By buying $20.00 worth of merchandise, I got a $10 discount. So all of this ended up costing just $11.26, a savings of 75%!!!! Not only that, I got a FREE rx refill today. IHC gives a FREE generic every few months. So grateful for my insurance and for great deals!!
There are tons more deals I will be jumping on this week! Stay tuned!!

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